A New Banjusap & Online Order Placement

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In between managing the gush of new customers, custom orders and our daily production, we have finally launched the new Banjusap website at www.banjusap.com.  Our new website is designed to handle online order placement of our finished goods and retail packs specially designed for our loyal customers.  Orders are place in real time with instant notification to Banjusap management, our staff then reviews the scope of the order and is able to contact the customer for final clarification and approval before being placed in the production queue.  For customers interested in custom orders, flowers, papers and other crafting supplies, go to the contact us page and tell us how we can help.  We are very responsive to the artistic desires of our customers in making products personalized for special markets.

All registered users of www.banjusap.com can edit their shipping and/or billing addresses, contact information, access credentials, etc.  For those new to Banjusap, you may review our company, terms and conditions, order procedure, or even visit the homepage link to this very blog to post your comments and see the thoughts of other satisfied customers.

We invite you to leave your comments on the Banjusap Blog and take a tour of our website.  Your suggestions, as always, are very much appreciated and we look forward to what the future brings to the paper crafts and scrapbooking industry. 




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PR Log (Press Release) Chiangmai, Thailand – May 8, 2010 – In a region where the exploitation of labor and resources runs rampant, Banjusap, a leader in Thailand’s craft supply export industry, takes the reins in modeling socially and environmentally responsible behavior for other fellow export companies to follow. 

Banjusap has consistently argued that its success comes not only from quality products and the ability to meet the demands of western markets, but also from their ability to improve the lives of women [their entire manufacturing team is composed of women] and focusing on products which come from natural, renewable local resources. 

Iris International, an organization for the realization of women’s human rights, says the status of women in Thailand has increased dramatically over the past decade; however, working conditions, relative pay, job security and safety have been, in many cases, deteriorating.  With respect to the export industry, poor working conditions for women are well documented and cost-cutting remains central to their operations.  Since 2004, Banjusap has been setting the example for the export sector in Thailand by employing a workforce of over 35 women in a clean and safe working environment, receiving pay rates at least 30 percent higher than employees at its competitors, and providing all team members with health insurance and voluntary overtime opportunities for additional income.  Banjusap founder, Tad Lague, said: 

“Everything depends on our team and they are a part of our family.  I’ve witnessed working conditions at other places and it’s a dreadful existence with ridiculously low pay, long hours, and horrible conditions – not to mention the less desirable jobs in the city.  We are better than that.  These women are our family… and they deserve better.” 

 While improving the lives of women in the workforce, Banjusap also spearheads the effort to supply the world’s crafting markets with paper products and flowers all made from one thing: Mulberry paper.  The Mulberry tree offers a bark which is ideal for producing specialty handmade papers.  Each harvested Mulberry tree is able to regenerate its bark within a 12 month period leaving it intact and able to continue playing its role in our ecosystem they way it was intended to.  All Mulberry papers are made by hand and used in special cutting and production processes.  Banjusap recycles all scraps to be 100 percent reused in the handmade Mulberry paper production process. 

Founded in 2004 and located in Chiangmai, Thailand, Banjusap Export Company [Banjusap] manufactures a wide range of eco-friendly, handmade Mulberry paper flowers, leaves and packaged paper crafting kits for resellers throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. 

For further information please contact Mr. Tad Lague at +66 (0) 819506862 email tad@banjusap.com or visit the website at www.banjusap.com.



An original version of this press release can be found online at http://www.prlog.org/10668430-commitment-to-social-and-environmental-responsibility-working-women-and-raw-materials-at-banjusap.html

Website Launch & New Products!

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To complement the launch of our new website this month, we have created three new products that are already gaining interest. The first addition was long overdue and a more simple, yet versatile product detrimental to the crafting industry: mulberry paper sheet assortments. We have created the Paper Pack (10) Full Sheet Cut consisting of 10 color coordinated handmade mulberry paper sheets packaged for a neat and tidy retail display. The sheets are approximately 130gsm thick and 19cm x 26cm in size. This size is perfect for keeping costs down and maximizing value because their is no waste and it is an exact 1/8th of a full sheet.

The next two additions to our catalog are Premium Gardenia Pack (5) & Premium Gardenia Pack (7). Differing from our other gardenia assortments, the our premium gardenias are made using an extra thick mulberry paper and a much more detailed process giving the petals more texture and an overall nicer appearance. We have been getting orders for these Premium Gardenias even before putting them on our website!

As for our new website, please give us your thoughts and opinions about how to improve our service and we will do our best to make things easier for you. All of us here at Banjusap looking forward to hearing from you!


Big Changes at Banjusap

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Our goal this year to is continue pushing forward in catering to our customers’ needs in a better, more efficient way than ever before.  We recently launched two beautiful new products: Little Flower Pack (80) and Flowers ‘n’ Brads (24). These hot items are quickly becoming a hot item amongst resellers from Europe to North America.  We are working on another new product at the moment that will be announced in the weeks to come.  So stay tuned and let us know if you want to subscribe to email updates from Banjusap!

On another note, Banjusap will soon be rolling out a newly constructed website and shopping cart that will allow our customers to order our products with just the click of a button. 


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